About the Artist

As a native to New England, I have an appreciation for pastoral landscapes. I spent a lot of time wandering the small woods of my hometown in Connecticut. It was during these explorations where I found a passion for storytelling. I am a three dimensional illustrator. I write narratives through poetry and then build objects that are a representation of my writing. I look to classic Americana art and literature for inspiration.

I also enjoy good design, like modern furniture and brutalist architecture. It’s pretty cool to see a manmade object that defines what I find visually interesting and beautiful. I like simple and minimal objects. As a rural boy living in a city, I miss looking at nature. That’s why I make art. I want to capture the beauty I see in both the natural and manmade world into objects, whether that is through sculpture or furniture or sculptural furniture.

Contact at:


(860) 417-8566

3115 Monument Ave. Apt. 22 Richmond, VA 23221