Hardly saying words

Your tongue must be lost in sand

I will find water

You refuse to drink my gift

Tonight, I will watch you drown


There’s ink in the sun

It burns as a blinding black

My arrow will pierce

Let ink sink into oceans

Now our veins will turn color


In the hollow hill

There’s a pair of golden eyes

They never come out

If you need to know the truth

Make the gold see in silver


Caught in cement

The king keeps his eyes open

Soon he’ll be bone

Then I will wear his antlers

And roam the forest as king


He eats just one wolf

With the beast’s teeth he slices

The red meat stains deep

His eyes are slightly blinded

Soon he will have no god


The boys who eat pig

They can’t tell whether it’s dead

It makes a slight sound


Face cut with shadows

He steps on frozen rivers

Hidden currents speak his father’s name


Watch me vomit rocks

Give all your silver rope

Tie a noose

Loop it around my ankle

Look how my eyes plummet down


Lost in wood grain

Your tongue spits splinters

Don’t speak of trees

Or you’ll crush them all


Paint an eye on my palm

I will lick it off

Now words have sight


There’s a girl who spins in stripes

She wants to dance with no name

But she’s a girl who spins in stripes


Vultures eat my king

Cut apart by rotting hands

I wish I could sing


Take him to deserts

Let him devour only sand

His insides will move slowly

Listening to every grain join

Wait for no sound


Wanting to dance

You don’t know this is a cemetery

Belief in black birds will only blind

Cry to the man who is a crow

These graves are his church


With the candle’s only fire

You burnt a path from my river

Better not quench the flame

I will flood your steps


I speak to my wolf

His lips dipped in silver paint

He has a story of how his teeth were covered

In our king’s eternal blood


My king walks with four legs

It is so his antlers won’t fall

Until I eat to his marrow


When you taste liquid as air

This will be that day

Make sure you eat properly

You’ll be bloated

When you inhale water