Nature of that dress

Kerosene tears you weep

It’s the animal tongue I speak

Makes it all seem like a temporary still

Morning rise on hospital beds

Untouched light crushes waking

Begin to read signs replaced

This isn’t jail, this is just a cell

With an easy face to forget

Repeat your name until it rhymes

This way not everything will fall

This desire to become new man

Blocks thoughts of past memories

Try until death to see another

I remember reflections alone at night

With my dead dog on snowy hills

We walked as creators in youth

In woods, he whistles

Solitude as only vessel

Creations made to never be seen

Moss covers feet stuck in dirt

Muted tones release mocking thoughts

Trees surround to take note

Under new rule of self guidance

Wear a mask while walking through woods

Face hidden of an unknown warrior

What’s left behind is my name

More than monuments, these are my beliefs

Read structures to see my future

Those days of eternal sunsets

Drift to sleep with half open eyes

Speak the difference of closing eyes and setting sun

Picture a golden field of grass

Two black figures born against sinking sun

This an image to summon sins

He walks like an old man with empty heart

This is so he can confuse stones and trees

He doesn’t want them to know it’s them who fill his heart

What happened to my stomach?

I can only feel boiling whales rising and sinking

They leap from acid lakes to reach racing moon

To only fall back below the waves of churning vomit

I dream of harpoons

Where trees become stone, break to find paper

With a beating pen, begin to write down names

Faces come to haunt with halved memories

Finally know how to write

First will be letter to man in cage

Words look crooked under light

Pass it over, words turn to color

Give riddle with golden heights

Forced patterns will read signs of victory

Only master can climb cliffs of wordy myths

I’ve made myself lost in field of trees

Overgrown paths forgotten call my name

But I won’t follow until I can spell again

Trees grow to puncture sinking lakes

Craters drip lost water to drown

Trees are meant to save existence in roots

Sincerity never roamed actions

Thoughts made to surpass eyes

Lock second face between doors

Speech of toil ends under bare tree

Winter no longer has sharp tongue to cut with

Listen to words of newly ruling season