I walk as a servant

With rings for eyes

Wanting no king 


Little boys like to hunt

Too much excitement in woods

Will make them forget names


Overkilled road kill

Blood pulse reads rapidly

Veins will burst


Forest with little remembrance of footsteps

Only trees recollect memory

Forest filled with lazy movements


He wears no skin

While hunting at dawn

Clean his collected pelts


Black ink pours out of toenails

Prints of paths left behind

Please don’t follow mine


Windows with no sight

Cold fingers slip through holes

Is this how my brother Andrew feels?


I did not aim this arrow

But my eyes will follow

And watch point of impact


Aged wood and broken granite

Memory of children imprinted on ground

Wasteland reeks of impurity


I see him with no arms

Forced to grin with bloody teeth

Hanging from tied feet


Lost domain of fallen king

Foreign wolves under new rule wander

Tearing throats of old believers


With this arrow, I pierce my jaw

Teeth flow from manmade hole

This way I won’t drown


Can’t give shadows back

Explosion plastered to wall

In light, sleep under manufactured dust


I sit on silver

Sipping from stolen skulls

Swallowing royalty


Man in concrete show your face

Prove to me I’m not alone

But I know in my flesh and in my bone


Murdered king sees justified crown

Stolen antlers create memory of pain

Those who wear know of false royalty


Lost in modern beliefs

King mocks those who eat blindly

King doesn’t know they eat his flesh


I tell boys to put out fire

They just laugh at crossed eye chickens

Now our town is doomed


I accidentally stabbed wolf’s eye out

With his one bloody socket, he screams

I fear wolf is going to kill


Chains roll across trembling hills

Colliding with innocent homes

Summer breeze becomes a cry


Late night drinks with lesser gods

Listening to split tongues

They say I could be their higher deity


Infant with no toes

Crawls deep into puddles

Laughing at those who walk


Sleep to rising ground

Gentle whisper of cracking rock

Dreams of discovery planted


I wish I could laugh like you

But it takes time to settle down

So I begin to pretend