Land of Marble

Moth holds my tongue

I try to say some words

So you wouldn’t build new house

But I choke on wings

Wolf with no fangs cries

Got too high from false pride

Wish for mouthful of knives

Painted tin roofs flood

Follow trail of fallen currents

In puddles will be reflecting sun

She was my best friend

But the ocean wanted a new lover

Now she is drowned in whitecaps

And all the fish sing to her as queen

He says “at the bottom line, tomorrow”

Asking for a name, he swallows


Southwest point at blank beach

Rode a horse in made-up mind

Instead, drove car to unrealized future

I wish I had your picture

So I knew the face of my brother

Asked but nothing happened for me

A girl trapped in fixed patterns

Warnings were given, yet patterns an easy make

Red and brown with black, no way to step back

This hour is the last chance to call

You’ve written down all names

Memorized steps to summon demons

Gone for too long, you trip

Walk away from all

Found your way in woods

I can let him claim serpents

He can ride on stomachs during cloudy days

But sun can never show dulled gold

Smell of grandparents’ attic reclaims

Though I am not upstairs

I can see all these molding top hats

Watch me drink summertime clouds

Use no straw climb those shifting bluffs

With full body I recall taste

Stumbling in hayfields

Pretending peasantry I lie

I know it is I, king’s murderer

Walk backwards on cloudy beach

Turn eyes but never feet

Get found in drifting seaweed

Trapped animals feed from ribbons

Tied to trees with no feelings

It was told from island in lake

Men with no face

Hunt during daylight

Claiming children who laugh

Don’t forget to pause

And have a smile

At all the unbroken graves